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Buy Iberico Ham

It has the best producers, such as the Majada Pedroche Spanish Bellota iberico hams with protected designation of origin Los Pedroches and 100% natural, without additives. Prestigious brands such as Morato hams, which have won international awards.

buy iberico ham

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But we recommend you highly to watch out for places where you can expect a good customer service with profound knowledge and fair prices. Jamón iberico has now different quality labels, which makes it much easier to trust the quality you will get for your money! In any case, its always good to compare prices a bit between the different shops, especially if you want to buy bigger amounts.

When buying a ham holder for your jamón ibérico de bellota, it is as important as choosing the ham itself. The ham holder is the support where the pig leg rests and together with the knife, they are the necessary accessories to make a perfect cut. All the ham holder models in the Lola Gourmet store adapt easily to any ham and allow you to make professional cuts when eating your iberico ham.

The best Iberian ham is obtained from the hind legs of the pig. If you are looking for a typical product from Spain, iberico ham is undoubtedly the best option. It is cured and seasoned in the air to give it that characteristic flavor. 041b061a72

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