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A Mini

We have enough golf courses in the area. FB needs some evening family entertainment and a miniature putt putt would be great. In ground trampolines and baseball pitching machines would attract people from around the county. Expand thoughts outside of just another lame golf course that will never be profitable

A Mini

CHALLENGE: Do you have any embarrassing moments from your past that haunt you? Try sharing them with a trusted friend to see if it lessens their power. Do a mini-lesson this week and teach these strategies to your family.

In one photo, a woman is photographed below as she climbs a set of stairs in thigh high boots and a mini skirt. In another, a woman is photographed from below once again, in the middle of an action which could be seen as changing clothes. In the final cut, a woman is photographed through the space below the door of a restroom stall, while sitting on the toilet. 041b061a72

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