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Loose Screws 1985 Movie

In October of 1985, Amburgey returned to Dr. Alexander at Medical Center Hospital in Conroe, Texas, with complaints that his knees were popping and locking and that he had pain and swelling in both knees. An examination revealed normal results, except for the left foot which showed an old, healed mid-foot amputation and both knees displayed crepitation with flexion and extension particularly at the patella. There were no effusions and the range of motion and ligaments were normal. A chest x-ray was taken revealing a normal heart with clear lungs. Dr. Alexander recommended an arthroscopy for the removal of probable loose bodies from the chondromalacia of the patella in both knees. On October 29, 1985, Dr. Alexander performed the arthroscopy and discovered some degenerative chondryl malasia of both knees with loose bodies and synovitis, which were surgically removed. Amburgey was discharged on October 30, 1985, with a prescription for Tylenol for pain and instructions to return in five days for follow up care. (R. 238-244, 294-296).

Loose Screws 1985 Movie


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