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Buy Portable Air Conditioner High Quality

Thom Dunn has written Wirecutter guides to window air conditioners, room fans, space heaters, and more. He has also published articles for The Huffington Post, Upworthy, Vice, The Weather Channel, and other outlets, and in 2019 he was commissioned by Cornell University to create a full-length play about community responses to climate change. He is particularly good at being cool.

buy portable air conditioner

Our primary concern in choosing a portable AC was finding a unit with adequate cooling performance, followed by low noise, decent efficiency, and other quality-of-life factors we measured once we saw our finalists in person.

The most important thing to do to make a portable AC perform at its best is to insulate the gaps between the window, the window frame, and the panel holding the AC vent. Foam strips work, and 10 feet of the stuff typically costs a few dollars. The tape will help prevent warm air from slipping in through cracks as easily.

This powerful portable AC from Whynter has a dual hose so it can cool down a room faster than other portable units. "Dual hose" means it uses outside air instead of inside air to cool down the internals of the AC, helping it to cool the room quicker and more efficiently. Our engineers were impressed by its year-round versatility; in dehumidifier mode, it removed up to 101 pints of moisture in a 24-hour period, and you can opt to go for the upgraded model that includes a heater, generating heat up to 77F.

Precise temperature control sets this portable AC apart from the competition. We tested the brand's more robust 10,000 BTUs SACC unit, which has enough cooling power for nearly any room in the house, so while this smaller one's sound and output may vary slightly, we trust its performance.

When our testers set it to 64º F and returned to measure the temperature, the room had quickly reached 65.6º F. No other portable AC came that close to achieving the proper ambient temperature. The air coming from the TCL also came out faster and reached farther than other tested models, though the tradeoff is some expected noisiness. Our experts also like the WiFi connectivity, allowing you to control the unit via a smartphone app. But if you don't feel like downloading the app, it also comes with a remote.

It only weighs 11.2 pounds, making it easy to move around. The included remote is an extra bonus so you can control it without needing to leave your bed. This air cooler pulls less power than any of the other units on the list, meaning you could plug in multiple and still use less energy than a single other portable AC.

Look to this unit to cool your bedroom without keeping you up at night. It's quieter than other portable air conditioners and at 53 pounds, it's lighter weight than most other portable ACs. This quietness and compactness, however, comes at the cost of having a slightly less powerful fan, creating slower air speeds in testing than other models.

If you need to cool down an extra-large space, like a great room or big studio apartment, this DeLonghi is a great choice, with its chart-topping 700-square-foot cooling capacity. Like all portable ACs, it makes some noise at full power, but the quiet mode setting cuts the clamor in half, making it good for bedrooms. In fact, during our testing, this was determined to also be one of the quieter ACs, even when it wasn't running on quiet mode.

The two-hose operation helps it cool a room faster than single-hose portable ACs, and the front-facing read-out helps you monitor the temperature with ease. You can program it for up to a 24-hour period. Like the other Whynter model we looked at, its ratio of energy consumption to speed of cooling leaves something to be desired, but given its additional functionality we can turn the other cheek.

There are multiple benefits from investing in an air conditioner-heater combo. For starters, most of these units are lightweight and compact. That means you can quickly move them around without having to struggle. In fact, you might not even have to carry most of them as the majority of these units are on wheels.

Another fantastic dual unit, this air conditioner and heater will keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. It produces over 12,000 BTU and is great for smaller rooms up to 250 square feet. Installation is simple, and the unit even comes with handles along with castor wheels to move it around with ease.

The summer months mean you're constantly thinking about how to stay cool. A pool or beach will only go so far, especially when you lay awake at night drowning in your own perspiration. Buying a new air conditioner may not always be in your immediate budget, even if it is an immediate need.

The Windmill Air Conditioner may not be the cheapest on our list, but it is our top pick for the best cheap air conditioner, given the fully loaded benefits this model provides. It is a smart air conditioner that goes right into your window, its sleek design requiring a very small footprint. It comes ready to go right out of the box, so you can save the time and heartache of set-up. A convenient guide is included to steer installation in the right direction.

The unit comes with 8,300 BTU power, giving a bit more than the average air conditioner, so it is enough to cool down a medium-sized space. That in itself offers far greater flexibility in where you can use it and still feel the cooling effects. It is also the quietest machine on our list, as soft as the evaCHILL that is a fraction of its size. However, it still comes packed with features. It is Wi-FI-enabled with an app that easily works with your Android or iPhone device, allowing you the option to control the unit remotely. With an auto-dimming LED display, you can use Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa to control the unit by voice. The air conditioner comes with a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy, just in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Still, this air conditioner packs in some extra features. It boasts a fan speed that you can easily adjust to your liking with a convenient LED display. The coolest setting will bring the room to a brisk 65F, plus there is a 24-hour timer option that can help you save money on those monthly bills. While this is not one of the noisiest units out there, it is not the quietest, either, so users are sure to appreciate the option of a quiet fan mode at night. The unit also features a built-in dehumidifier to combat those pesky humid summer days.

The SereneLife Powerful Portable Room Air Conditioner packs some power with an 8,000 BTU unit and a built-in dehumidifier to combat those humid nights. It can rest on the floor and has wheels attached for added convenience, but you will need to plug the unit in for use. Set up is made simple so you can start using your air conditioner right away. Once ready, there are two different fan settings that you can use based on your changing needs. There is also the option to choose your temperature, plus a timer that will automatically turn itself off after 24 hours. A digital remote control helps simplify operations, but there is also a digital touch button control panel.

When you have a large area to cool, the Whynter Elite Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner can be a great choice, thanks to its coverage of up to 400 square feet. At almost $465, its price tag belies its power with maximum 12,000 BTU coverage, the largest of any unit on our list. Despite a conveniently portable size, this unit features a dual-hose system that allows for cold air to spread more evenly and quickly throughout your space. It easily works in conjunction with your home or building's A/C unit to better facilitate the movement of cold air, so you can better enjoy the effects of your area's built-in air conditioning.

This unit is one that is easily portable and offers a simplified set-up process to get you started. Whynter claims the built-in dehumidifier can remove 76 pints of excess moisture each day. To help save money, use the 24-hour programmable timer, so your unit only runs when you need it the most.

The best cheap air conditioner is the Windmill Air Conditioner, which offers an impressive coverage area while still managing to remain under $425. It has good power, plus it is far quieter than many other machines. However, the other cheap air conditioners on our list are definitely worth a second look before you buy.

In our search for the best cheap air conditioners, we consider several factors and compare different models to find the best units for your family. These are a few of the criteria we recommend you consider during your search.

You do not have to spend a fortune to find a quality air conditioner. Cheap air conditioners can come in a variety of different sizes, so they each may work differently based on room size requirements and cooling methods.

The best cheap air conditioners can vary significantly in cost, depending on the model you choose. Our top picks for the best cheap air conditioners range from under $100 to almost $475 to suit a full range of budgets.

While they're not the most energy-efficient, they supply some much-needed comfort. And considering the lower cost relative to central A/C units, it makes cheap air conditioners worth it for cozier spaces.

Portable air conditioners are very convenient to use in small spaces or for spot cooling. Many people are tempted to buy one for their space, especially for an attic, small disconnected rooms, and home-offices. They are easy to install, move around, and store. They are also quite effective, and in the case of portable heat pumps, they can be used all year round!

A portable air conditioner, also known as a stand-up air conditioner, is a type of AC that can be moved around very easily. It is a self-contained device that can be set up anywhere besides a window and a socket. Portable models have wheels attached at the bottom that make them easy to move around as per your needs. It is considered one of the most convenient air conditioners because of its easy placement and movement. 041b061a72

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