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2015 - Better Call Saul Free

In a flashback, Chuck helps Jimmy get out of jail for property damage, assault charges and potentially being labeled a sex offender. Chuck warns Jimmy to stop making a fool of himself. Fast-forward to the present day where Jimmy makes an anonymous call to the Kettlemans warning them of being robbed. The next day, after hearing about the Kettlemans gone missing, Jimmy goes over to their house to investigate. Nervous that Nacho is involved in all of this, Jimmy waits at a payphone for what seems like hours, for Nacho to call him. Eventually, he is chased down by who Jimmy thinks is Tuco but turn out to be cops. Jimmy is then brought to the courthouse to meet with Nacho. Nacho tells Jimmy that if he is not out of custody by the end of the day, Jimmy is a dead man. Then, after a talk with Mike Ehrmantraut and an investigation of the Kettleman residence, Jimmy realizes that the Kettlemans were not kidnapped, but rather ran away from home. Knowing this, Jimmy walks through the wilderness, finally finding the Kettlemans. ("Nacho")

2015 - Better Call Saul

Jimmy returns the notebook to the investigators, claiming that he found it in the parking lot. Mike is hard-pressed by Abbasi to give information, but he does not budge. A few days later, Jimmy stops by Chuck's house to drop off groceries and finds Chuck standing outside. Chuck tells him that he is trying to build up a tolerance to electromagnetic radiation. Jimmy, who is now trying to be a "good lawyer", tours Kim on a potential new office space for the two of them. However, Kim politely declines Jimmy's offer due to how much she owes HHM. Back at HHM, Kim cannot convince the Kettleman's to take a deal that would force them to plead guilty, so the Kettleman's leave HHM, which ticks Howard off. The Kettleman's call Jimmy to meet them at Loyola's. Jimmy, who does not what the Kettlemans as clients, and also wants to help Kim to get her clients back, tries to convince the Kettlemans to go back to HHM. However, because Jimmy took the Kettleman's bribe, he is forced to take the case. Knowing he can't get them a better deal than Kim, Jimmy hires Mike to steal the Kettleman's money. The next morning, Jimmy goes over to the Kettlemans to tell them that their money is missing. This forces the Kettlemans to go back to HHM and take the plea deal. ("Bingo") 041b061a72

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