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Or it yields the same values as the above:


1/1SakuraBundlepackbase.pak 1/3SakuraBundlepackSakuraBundlepack.pak 1/5SakuraBundlepackSakuraBundlepack.pak 2/2SakuraBundlepackbase.pak, SakuraBundlepack.pak 3/3SakuraBundlepackbase.pak 4/4SakuraBundlepackbase.pak 5/5SakuraBundlepackbase.pak

The "SakuraBundlepack.pak" includes the bundled version of the "base.pak" which makes the "base.pak" the default loaded "PACKAGE.pak" in player. For example, when a game is opened, the "base.pak" is the first file loaded and the "SakuraBundlepack.pak" is not the file to be loaded.

The "SakuraBundlepack.pak" was probably originally named as "SakuraBundlepack.nopack" to stop players from uninstalling the game. So as the original game is not properly set up, it displays an error message when the game starts.

SakuraBundlepack is a Zen distributon for 32/64-bit PC-based systems. It features a number of modern desktop/office type applications, an integrated graphical updater and automated compilation of applications on the fly.

You can download the SakuraBundlepack Linux key from the download page and use the keygen.bat script to create a 32-bit or 64-bit key. We don't recommend to use it to install the full distribution due to its origin. If you want to use the full version the key will be useless. Please use it for verification purposes only.

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