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Buy Certina Watches Online _VERIFIED_

As the Swiss leader in mid range sporting watches, Certina has always set itself the goal of providing outstanding quality at an affordable price. From its very inception, the brand has shown a keen interest in the world of sport.

buy certina watches online

One of the most recognised names in Swiss timepieces, Certina watches have been around since 1888, with classic designs mixed with contemporary watch-making techniques. Featuring a range of different strap choices, face colours and sizes, this exquisite collection of Certina watches is sure to make the perfect gift to a loved one, or yourself - because why not. Our full watches collection really has something for everyone, with the world's biggest brands all under one roof, and for extra opulence, don't forget to check out our full range of luxury watches.

You can find Certina's innovative DS concept in all collections. The DS stands for double security and features an extremely resistant watch case, that protects the movement even under extreme conditions. The essential feature is the crown, secured with a screw cap, which makes it difficult for moisture to enter the case. The crown must first be unscrewed like a screw before the movement can be wound or the time and date changed. In addition, all watches in the DS line have an extremely scratch-resistant sapphire-crystal glas, a sealing ring on the adjusting shaft, two crown seals, a specific seal at the back of the case and a reinforced case back.

Three characteristics are high on Certina ladies' and men's watches: renewal, progress and accuracy. The company actively supports the environment and participates in research projects to promote sustainable living in harmony with nature. Sustainability is emphasised in the company's own automatic watches, chronometers and all certina men's and ladies' watches, which are durable, robust and low-maintenance. If you take a closer look at the design of the Certina logo, you will notice the green turtle shell. This reflects the particularly high durability of the Certina ladies' or men's watch.

Simple but original: these are the watches from the Heritage collection in their new interpretation. Timeless watchmaking meets the innovative spirit of the 21st century. With these pieces of jewellery, you bring a piece from the past directly into the present. With a power reserve of up to 80 hours, like the Powermatic, you will always be able to keep an eye on the time.

Watch lovers are used to it: a high-quality ladies' or men's watch comes from Switzerland and is shipped around the world. In our online shop, you can also have wristwatches sent to you from German production sites such as Glashütte and Co. These include the watch brands Junghans and Bruno Söhnle, among others. Do you want to stick with Swiss precision? Tissot has been around since 1853 and offers a similarly extensive range as Certina.

If you still have questions and are looking for help in making a decision, we will be happy to assist you by phone. For example, should your watch be waterproof like a diver's watch? We can quickly tell you whether your desired product can compete with diving watches. From the Action or Heritage to the Priska, our watch experts will give you all the information you need to know. Simply reach for your favourite watch.

Certina watches are available in four lines: Sport, Aqua, Urban, and Heritage. Watches from the Spors collection carry names like DS Podium, DS Eagle, DS Eagle Chronograph Automatic, and DS Sport. Bold design meets functionality, with stopwatch function, date display, and sporty materials like rubber, stainless steel, and titanium which underscore the special character of these Certina watches.

Certina watches are powered by the Powermatic 80 automatic movement which is self winding for up to 80 hours or the C01.211, which enjoys a reputation as a particularly reliable chronograph watch. The Precidrive movement with precision that can be measured with a chronometer is especially appreciated for its accuracy.

As an official Certina dealer, Helen Kirchhofer offers complete service, repairs, and spare parts for your Certina timepiece. You can explore the latest selection of Certina watches for women and men in our online shop.

Your destination for Certina watch reviews, information and buying guides. We hope that by sharing our passion for all things horology we can help you through the process of buying luxury Certina watches.

All Certina watches are made in Switzerland, the very place where the brand was first founded by brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth in 1888 where they started the company in an annex of their family home. Now having taken over the world, Certina watches are continuously impressing with new innovations and releases like the sophisticated Certina DS-8 collection and the bold DS Podium range. Our Certina watch reviews delve a little deeper into the sporting spirit of the brand to help you decide on the model that will adorn your wrist. 041b061a72

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