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The Ultimate Guide to Mnemonics for Biology Pdf Download: Learn and Remember Biology Concepts with Ease

Mnemonics are known to improve memory and retention of information. Nurse practitioner school loads students with a tremendous amount of information in a short period of time. It can be hard to remember everything- this is where mnemonics come into play since they are known to increase your memory. Pharmacology Mnemonics for the Family Nurse Practitioner is for student and practicing NPs alike. Written by Nachole Johnson, MSN, FNP-BC, this book is easy to read and organized to help you learn information you need to know in a quick, efficient and fun manner. Illustrations are also included to cement information. Use this book as a reference when you are in school and as a refresher while you are a practicing NP. Pharmacology Mnemonics for the Family Nurse Practitioner covers common pharmacological abbreviations, medication classifications, medication antidotes and more!

Mnemonics For Biology Pdf Download

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This blog post is an effort dedicated to making Pharmacology easier (just a bit) and fun (quite unlikely) by the use of mnemonics. Mnemonics are a great way to help ease the pressure on your nerves and they can be very helpful for remembering drug names and their side effects.

We hope you find this article useful while studying Pharmacology. If you have created Pharmacology mnemonics of your own then please drop us your mnemonics below in the comment box and we will publish them here next to your name. ?

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