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Young Justice 1x26

During Campaign One, Keyleth is a twenty-three-year-old young half-elven woman standing about 6' tall,[30] with fair skin, green eyes[31] and long red hair, which was later cut short.[32] She is depicted with freckles on her nose and cheeks in some official material. She's almost never seen without her signature "antlers", a druidic circlet. She would later wear the Mantle of the Tempest, a long cloak made of dark green leathers that unfurl into autumn-colored leaves.

Young Justice 1x26

"Consequences and Cows" (1x26)Keyleth expressed her concerns to the rest of the group about Percy's brutal behavior while fighting The Broker and his entourage, namely butchering an unconscious old woman, but the group was quick to justify it based on his traumatized state after confronting the Briarwoods. Keyleth also put forth the idea that the group should consider their sense of morality more going forward. She considered leaving the group if this kind of senseless violence continued. The group agreed that they should all be more mindful of their actions.

With the help of Allura, Keyleth scried on Pyrah and saw the devastation left behind by the red dragon. Everything was burned and destroyed, and she saw no survivors. After exiting the ritual, Keyleth, devastated, declared that her people had failed their cause. Allura tried to encourage her, promising that they would rally who they can and bring the dragons to justice.

"The Family Business" (1x47)Cerkonos revealed to Keyleth that the tear that allowed Thordak to escape was opened by a young girl named Raishan taken in by the Fire Ashari four years prior. He warned Keyleth to watch out for her, believing she may be someone else than what she led the tribe to believe. Keyleth, filled with resentment, recognized the name: the girl was none other than the green dragon from the Chroma Conclave.

Keyleth discovered from Cerkonos, headmaster of the Fire Ashari, that a young girl that they took in had been the one responsible for freeing Thordak of the Chroma Conclave from the Plane of Fire. Her actions had led to Pyrah's destruction and the devastation of his tribe. Keyleth later learned that the girl who set Thordak free and one of the dragons of the Conclave, Raishan, were one and the same.[103]

Despite failing to kill her in the moments after Thordak's death due to Raishan escaping,[105] in their last encounter Keyleth spoke up against the dragon, the druid keeping her anger in check and mentioning her hope that during her very long lifetime she does not become like her, and she even gave Raishan a chance to surrender and be brought to justice, a far outcry from their first proper encounter in Whitestone weeks before.[106] A long and bloody battle ensued, with Keyleth effectively neutralizing Raishan's spellcasting with Feeblemind, destroying her very identity and intellect,[107] and Kerrek delivering the final blow on her.[108] 041b061a72

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