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Secret Movie Hindi Dubbed 720p HD: A Romantic Drama with a Time Travel Twist

Secret Movie Download in Hindi 720p HD Kickass

If you are a fan of romantic drama movies, you might have heard of Secret, a 2007 Taiwanese film directed by Jay Chou, who also starred as the male lead. The movie was a box office hit in Asia and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It also won several awards, including the Best Original Song at the Golden Horse Awards.

Secret Movie Download In Hindi 720p Hd Kickass

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What is Secret Movie?

Secret is a 2007 Taiwanese romantic drama film that tells the story of Ye Xianglun (Jay Chou), a music student who transfers to Tamkang Secondary School. There, he meets Lu Xiaoyu (Gwei Lun-mei), a mysterious girl who plays a mysterious melody on an old piano in the music room. Ye soon falls in love with Lu, but he discovers that she has a secret that transcends time and space.

The plot of Secret Movie

The movie begins with Ye arriving at his new school, where he meets his new classmates and friends. He also meets his music teacher, Ms. Yu (Alice Tzeng), who encourages him to join the music club. One day, he hears a beautiful piano melody coming from the music room, where he finds Lu playing an old piano. He is instantly attracted to her and tries to befriend her.

Ye learns that Lu lives with her father (Anthony Wong), who owns an antique shop. He also notices that Lu always wears a red scarf around her neck and carries an old umbrella. He tries to impress her with his piano skills, but she seems uninterested. However, one day, she invites him to play a duet with her on the old piano. They play a song called "Secret", which Ye has never heard before.

Ye and Lu start spending more time together, playing piano, riding bikes, and going to the movies. Ye falls deeper in love with Lu, but he also becomes curious about her secret. He finds out that the old piano in the music room can transport people back to 1979, when the school was still under construction. He also learns that Lu is actually from 1979, and that she came to 2007 through the piano.

Lu tells Ye that she can only stay in 2007 for one month, and that she has to go back to 1979 before the end of the month. She also reveals that she is Ms. Yu's mother, and that Ms. Yu is actually Ye's future wife. She explains that she met Ye's father (Devon Song) in 1979, when he was a young architect working on the school project. They fell in love with him and became pregnant with Ms. Yu. However, she also discovered the piano and its power, and decided to use it to see the future of her daughter.

Lu says that she regrets leaving Ye's father and her daughter behind, but she also loves Ye and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She asks Ye to go back to 1979 with her, and promises to wait for him at the piano on the last day of the month. Ye agrees, but he also feels conflicted about his feelings for Lu and Ms. Yu.

On the last day of the month, Ye rushes to the music room, where he finds Lu waiting for him at the piano. They hug and kiss, and prepare to play the duet that will take them back to 1979. However, before they can start, they are interrupted by Ms. Yu, who has followed Ye to the music room. She recognizes Lu as her mother, and begs her not to leave. She also tells Ye that she loves him, and that he is her husband in the future.

Lu is shocked and heartbroken by Ms. Yu's words, and realizes that she cannot take Ye away from his destiny. She tells Ye that she loves him, but she also loves her daughter and her husband. She says that she has to go back to 1979 alone, and asks Ye to take care of Ms. Yu. She also gives him her red scarf as a souvenir, and tells him to remember their secret.

Lu plays the duet by herself, and disappears into the piano. Ye tries to follow her, but he is too late. He breaks down in tears, holding Lu's scarf. Ms. Yu comforts him, and tells him that she understands his pain. She says that she is grateful for Lu's sacrifice, and that she hopes that he can be happy with her in the future.

The movie ends with a flashback of Lu returning to 1979, where she reunites with Ye's father. She tells him that she has seen their daughter in the future, and that she is beautiful and happy. She also tells him that she has met someone who loves her very much, but she cannot be with him. She says that she will always keep him in her heart, as her secret.

The cast and crew of Secret Movie

The cast of Secret movie includes:

  • Jay Chou as Ye Xianglun, a music student who falls in love with Lu Xiaoyu

  • Gwei Lun-mei as Lu Xiaoyu, a girl from 1979 who travels to 2007 through a piano

  • Alice Tzeng as Ms. Yu (Yu Hao), a music teacher who is Ye's future wife and Lu's daughter

  • Anthony Wong as Lu's father (Lu Chuan), an antique shop owner who knows about the piano

  • Devon Song as Ye's father (Ye Shouzhi), a young architect who falls in love with Lu in 1979

The crew of Secret movie includes:

  • Jay Chou as the director, producer, writer, composer, and singer of the movie

  • Chou Ke-tai as the co-director and cinematographer of the movie

  • Chen Hung-i as the editor of the movie

  • Wang Zhi-ping as the art director of the movie

  • Huang Chun-ming as the costume designer of the movie

The reception and awards of Secret Movie

Secret movie was released on July 27, 2007 in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and mainland China. It was a commercial success, grossing over $10 million USD in Asia. It was also well received by critics and audiences, who praised its originality, romance, music, and performances. It has a rating of 7.6/10 on IMDb and 86% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Secret movie also won several awards, including:

  • The Best Original Song for "Secret" at the 44th Golden Horse Awards

  • The Best Original Film Score for Jay Chou at the 11th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music

  • The Best New Director for Jay Chou at the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards

  • The Most Popular Film at the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival

  • The Best Asian Film at the 29th Fantasporto International Film Festival


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